Metabolism and Gut Health

At Advanced Health and Wellbeing, PC, we focus on understanding the most basic of functions and how they relate to illness and to health and optimal wellness. Metabolism is at the base of our principles and our treatment. Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells that allow them to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. These chemical reactions that occur in the human body include digestion, and the transport of substances into and between different cells. This is the basis of nutrition.

Most of the structures that make up our human body are made from three basic classes of molecules: amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids (often called fats). These molecules are vital for life. Metabolism refers to the metabolic reactions that make these molecules during the construction and birth of cells and tissues, or by breaking them down and using them as a source of energy, by their digestion. These biochemicals can be joined together to make polymers such as DNA and proteins, essential macromolecules of life.

In many circumstances, food cannot readily enter the body and nourish the cells due to gastrointestinal issues and malabsorption. It is vital to understand the role of the gastrointestinal system in absorption as well as the role of the good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. These ‘bugs’ are called the ‘microbiota’. They have a special relationship with our human bodies, and have an influence on our health.

At Advanced Health and Wellbeing, PC we focus on the foundation of health through nutrition and the optimal operation of the gastrointestinal system to provide the body with the ideal nutrients and thus reduce and eliminate sources of inflammation which in turn cause fatigue, weight gain and other chronic medical problems.

We use sophisticated laboratory testing such as Genova Diagnostics ( and SpectraCell Micronutrient testing ( to bring forth a personalized and unique approach to your health.  We can also measure your basal metabolic rate and provide you with specialized and personalized recommendations tailored to your lifestyle and activity level.

Advanced Health and Wellbeing, PC is proud to provide leadership during this time of healthcare change, and provides traditional values with a contemporary approach to medicine. Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya, MD demonstrates the importance of the doctor-patient relationship by embracing healing modalities that go beyond practical care, by motivating patients, providing education and self-awareness, while fully understanding the spiritual dimensions of healing.

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