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Medicine today needs to focus on education and prevention….. We need to empower ourselves to be proactive about our health and not wait for disease to rule our lives….. An integrative approach to hormones is the future….Health is the best measure of progress….. -Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – Integrative Endocrinologist- Advanced Health and Wellbeing, PC

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“Without your health, it is hard to truly enjoy your friends, family and the overall quality of life”
–Steven F. Hotze, MD

In today’s fast paced life, 24 hour work schedule, and constant demands for top performance in a society that is burdened by cut throat competition, constant attention should be driven towards optimal performance and health. But it is not just health in numbers that is important. Mental, psychological, spiritual as well as biological health is paramount.

I am talking about truly feeling at the “top of your game”.  Having balance in your life, to maintain the vital core needs of humans: optimal health and physical performance, happiness and vital connections with family and friends as your support system. They all represent health, wellbeing, quality of life and promote a reason for living.

Time is quite meaningful, it is hard to quantify when that has become one of the top commodities in modern life. It is more often than not, that we overlook the importance of caring for one’s self, one’s health and one’s optimal wellbeing and contentment. When you take a moment to realize the importance of self-care, you are indirectly taking care of the people that love you, and believe it or not, you will be creating healthy memories for the future that no one or anything can take away….

When considering your health and lifestyle transformation to promote wellness and happiness, visualize your goals, create a meaningful map on how you plan to realize them, write them down. Inspire a friend or loved one to be on your team, and be accountable to yourself and your team-mate. Encourage and motivate each other and set constant reminders. Set dates for when you plan to accomplish such goals and then revisit your plan and make new ones….. Whatever you want and need to do, keep at the forefront of your mind and daily life and I assure you, you will ALL succeed! Know that there will be set backs. That is part of life, but in the long run, if you fall, don’t surrender and get back on the plan. It is human and it will happen, what is important to keep in mind is that you WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! Remind yourself of that…. Ponder on the reasons you had the setback and prepare for the next time this may happen.


1. Take a good look at yourself…. Improve your presentation, get a haircut, shave, and iron that shirt….

2. Take a really good look at yourself…. After looking at the obvious, stay a little longer in front of the mirror…. Place close attention to your body, check your skin, and look at your heart and soul….Picking up that abnormal bump or mole can be lifesaving….

3. A healthy mind, a healthy body….Change your attitude… Adopt a new attitude towards life, the people you love, look at the people you work with and change something there, and don’t forget the environment….

4. Forgive and let go of anger and resentments…..The one most affected by this is you….

5. Give thanks for the gift of health, focus on the good, meditate, pray….. If you have a religion, consider going to worship gatherings…

6. Volunteer some of your time time…. For sure, this activity will help you feel more meaningful in someone else’s life and at the same time you will share happiness and joy, It is well documented that volunteering or helping others increases quality of life and health….

7. If you can, participate in a local charity…..

8. Purchase food and beverages locally and from a food co-op…. Local farms and local produce promotes your connections with your community and promotes health avoiding industrialized over processed foods

9. Meet with a dietician and a food coach to discuss your diet. You may already know the ropes BUT a refresher may just be what you need to get in gear. Motivation and self-regulation and accountability is a priority for success…

10. Think of a detoxification program, in which you cleanse your body of toxins including mental, spiritual and the foods that you may have in excess which can promote fatigue and illness…..

11. Meet with a personal trainer and get yourself on a routine, just merely joining a gym may be overwhelming and intimidating. This will allow for accountability and monitoring of progress.

12. Consider yoga, swimming, water aerobics, Pilates and other cool ways to exercise and relax at the same time…

13. Find fun ways to be more active, join a dance class (BALLROOM DANCING, ZUMBA, NIA TECHNIQUE, YOGA, HULA-HOOPING, for example are phenomenal, they allow you to interact with other people, promote happiness and relaxation, and secrete feel good hormones- endorphins, as well as make exercise more fun and enjoyable)

14. Use your bicycle more often…going for a ride on a leisure afternoon can be relaxing

15. Pay attention to your back and your posture. Pay attention to your joints and feet: Consider a visit your chiropractor to analyze your posture. It is better to see what is going on before illness presents itself… Visit your foot doctor and consider proper shoes and insoles for your feet if you need them…. Your feet and skeleton carry you all day!

16. Visit your dentist: Cleaner teeth certainly promote more smiling opportunities, and for sure impact your health by avoiding harmful bacteria in your system… Smiling and laughing has been proven to promote health and wellbeing.

17. Drive carefully. Do not text while driving. Do not drink and drive….. A BIG NO NO….. Motor Vehicle Accidents continue to be a high price to pay for such carelessness…

18. Learn about sleep, and learn good sleeping habits. We often use up the time that we should be reserving for sleep. If you suspect you have sleep issues, get informed and checked.

19. Get your MOJO back! : Check your hormones: There is new research every day that informs us of treatments for menopause and andropause…..

20. Foster healthy relationships: reach out more to your friends, make new ones, and avoid isolation. Make calls to friends you have not heard from in years, it will surely make both you feel good….

21. Improve your relationship with your spouse and family: Set dates for family time and romantic time together…. Even an indoor picnic will do…. It is all about the intention and the togetherness (intimacy).

22. Set time away from electronics, they don’t replace healthy conversations

23. Improve your relationship with your doctor: Get to know your doctor. They have feelings too… Our system is broken. Five minute appointments just don’t cut it anymore…. Not for the patient and not for the doctor….Find a doctor that will have the time to listen to you, answer your questions and make you feel trusting of his or her decision making process.

24. Get a physical…. Get those labs you have not had in years….. You never know when it may be too late….

25. Take a course that could advance you at work: Avoid staying stagnant in an environment that no longer stimulates you…. Take some evening or on-line classes…. Make yourself a VIP at work…. This is like an investment in ‘job insurance’…..

26. Pay more attention to school (if you are in school): it is the foundation for your life…. Focus on a class that is particularly challenging, and prove to yourself that you CAN succeed…. If you need a tutor or extra help don’t feel that it is not needed… Don’t be afraid to ask….and then ask again if needed until you understand…. There is never a stupid question….

27. Learn a new language: with the great tool of the internet, and some motivation, a new language may bring about travels and new experiences in the future….

28. Be creative: invest some time in creative activities, such as arts and crafts….collaging is a great outlet for trapped feelings and emotions….. Sculpture lets you play with your hands……

29. Take time for yourself, and make sure you schedule rest and relaxation….. Book a massage, a pedicure, or even just regular walks in the woods….. Nature can be very soothing…..

30. Make time for HUMOR: Laughing therapy has been proven to boost your immune system….

31. Learn to meditate… And even if it seems hard, you can start with some guided meditation or guided imagery videos or CD’s that will allow you to relax and find your inner self…

32. FALL IN LOVE…. With yourself…..

In conclusion, these ideas are meant for you to ponder about and identify if there are any specific areas in which you can work on when trying to maintain or lose weight. These ideas are also useful in order to maintain optimal health and wellbeing during maintenance and healthy aging. If you feel you are not being successful then you can try to narrow down on what specific issues you need to work on first in order to achieve balance and your ideal health based on knowledge. Lastly, when you know what your barriers are for a win, you now have a guide that you can use to seek the proper advice and help so that anything can be overcome.

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